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Date March 2018 / Category News

As the campaign for the referendum on the so-called dragnet (sleepwet), the law for the intelligence and security services, is in full swing, it might be worth to have a look at the infographic used by the government to communicate the need for the amended law.

Date October 2017 / Category News

For AoIR 2017, Helen Kennedy put together a panel discussing the future directions of critical data studies. I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to participate in the debate. Round-table participants for the future directions of Critical Data Studies included Lina Dencik (Data Justice Lab), Tarleton Gillespie (Microsoft Research), and Stefania Milan (Data-Active). As Jonathan Gray (Public Data Lab) could not attend, I presented on behalf of Utrecht Data School and the Datafied Society Research platform.

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Date May 2018

My colleagues Karin van Es and Maranke Wieringa and I have written a programmatic post on the need to consider the epistemological impact of knowledge technologies on research processes and results.


Date March 2018

In the wake of Brexit, the election of Donald Trump and the rise of nationalist populism in Europe, policy makers are concerned about the way social media affect public opinion. This led to ill-advised results such as the EU proposal for banning so-called illegal content or the controversial Network Enforcement Act in Germany. Now, an EU High Level Expert Group [sic!] under stewardship of Utrecht University law professor Madeleine de Cock Buning has issued a report on Fake News and Disinformation Online. They clearly speak out against the popular shift towards censorship and advocate strongly for a multidimensional approach that involves the different stakeholders, educators, journalists and policy makers to develop both short term and long term responses.


Date January 2018

The date for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) taking effect is coming closer; this informative and accessible article by Cennydd Bowles captures the general rules of the forthcoming law and how it affects developers and designers.


Date January 2018

The MoneyLab at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences has published another reader. MoneyLab Reader 2 with the programmatic title Overcoming the Hype consists of intriguing article that provide critical perspectives to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Free copies and downloads are available.


Date January 2018

In this excellent article, Frank Pasquale convincingly describes -on the case of Amazon- how platforms structurally undermine the sovereignty of public management; his article shows to what extent these corporation form a threat to the traditional concept of citizenship and democratic values.


Date January 2018

Shannon Mattern has put together a very helpful resource for research methods. Her site Designing Methodologies consists of valuable bibliographic references for a wide range of different research methods.


Date December 2017

This fascinating piece by Ashok Chandrashekar, Fernando Amat, Justin Basilico and Tony Jebara sheds light on the personalisation of artworks depicting series and films in Netflix.


Date November 2017

To any scholar or teacher it is not news that using computers during lectures is actually stifling the process of comprehending the lecture itself. However, students and some naive university admins are still fond of having laptops in classrooms, for very different reasons, though. Here is yet another article pointing out the problems of using laptops while trying to listen to a lecture, supported by references to scientific evidence.



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