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Date October 2014 / Category News

I have been asked by the editors of the Journal of Computer Supported and Cooperative Work to edit a special issue on the the transformation of civic life through social media platforms, datafication and big data analysis.

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Date September 2014 / Category News

The Utrecht Data School has been awarded a KIEM grant from the NWO's exact science program. The grant funds a research project which develops a database for open data projects and possibilities for comparative evaluation of the projects and their social impact.

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Date February 2015

I am very interested in Foucault's investigation into the emergence of liberal thought and governance as developed in his later lectures, published as "Security, Territory, Population" and "Birth of Biopolitics". Recently Daniel Zamora has formulated a critique of Foucault's fascination for liberal governance. The Washington Post went as far as to summarize Zamora's argument as "Why Michel Foucault is the libertarian’s best friend." The Jacobin has a very interesting interview with Daniel Zamora about his take on Foucault.


Date February 2015

Salon.com has an exceprt of Ethan Zuckerman's book  "Digital Cosmpolitans: Why We Think the Internet Connects Us, Why It Doesn't and How to Rewire It"


Date January 2015

Jill Lepore over at The New Yorker has an outstanding article about the political dimension of memory. Being able to retrieve evidence, points of view and statements is crucial for informed political debate and opinion forming. Archiving the web is as much a political endeavour as it is a technological challenge. This informative article tells about the history of the Internet Archive and its Wayback Machine and discusses the fragility of memory.


Date January 2015

In this fantastic lecture, the distinguished media theorist John Durham Peters reflects on academia's virtues and challenges. Peters reminds us scholars of the calling that for most of us marked the beginning of embarking on that breathtaking quest for knowledge. The current crisis of the university casts a dark shadow on the beauty of thought, the excitement of learning and the privilege of teaching. Peters calls for an inner discipline that allows us to withdraw from hustle of administratin and the cool hunting for hip topics and focus on our core values, learning and teaching, and to enjoy and put to work the enormous freedom we have in this limited space.


Date January 2015

Peter-Paul Verbeek explores the consequences of information technology as active agent of change, transforming the public sphere.


Date January 2015

Twitter becomes increasingly a resource for data to conduct research on political debates, awareness for issues, social interaction and communication during large scale events and other phenomena. However, it remains unclear what the scope of the collected data actually represents. In this paper, Kevin Discroll and Shawn Walker provide a comparative analysis of the publicly accessible Streaming API and the commercial “fire hose” provided by Gnip PowerTrack.


Date January 2015

The 2012 publication "Debates in the Digital Humanities" has been turned into an open access version which allows comments and which records the passages highlighted by readers. Additionally Debates in the Digital Humanities strives to become an online platform documenting the ongoing debates within the field of computer-aided research in the humanities.


Date December 2014

The latest edition of the Journal of Mobile Media revolves around forecasting, prediciting and imaganing the future. This edition features an afterword by the esteemed historian of technology David Nye.



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