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Date October 2014 / Category News

I have been asked by the editors of the Journal of Computer Supported and Cooperative Work to edit a special issue on the the transformation of civic life through social media platforms, datafication and big data analysis.

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Date September 2014 / Category News

The Utrecht Data School has been awarded a KIEM grant from the NWO's exact science program. The grant funds a research project which develops a database for open data projects and possibilities for comparative evaluation of the projects and their social impact.

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Date October 2014

Social media platforms are painstakingly monitored in order to prevent inappropriate content. Little is known about the workers who actually sift through the flagged and reported material. This informative Wired article sheds some light on the co-creation process of user generated content.


Date August 2014

With verve and convincing arguments, Ethan Zuckerman explains why the advertisement-supported free web platforms made surveillance a default mode of internet business models.


Date July 2014

In midst of an overly enthusiastic chorus of techno-optimists praising the benefits of big data, Evgeny Morozov remains the critical voice raising issues about the pitfalls and dangers of a world where every device and every user activity contributes to a real-time dragnet investigation of citizens.


Date July 2014

Reporters Without Borders has released their latest report on the state of press freedom in the world.


Date June 2014

Jill Lepore dissects in this article for the New Yorker the currently overly hyped 'innovator's dilemma'. Lepore notes that Christensen cherry-picked his examples to make his theory appear sound and presents a number of examples that contradict his argument.


Date June 2014

Inside Higher Education points fingers to the outragous practices of publishers to bully libraries into paying unjustified prices for scientific journals.


Date June 2014

Florian Cramer stellt in seinem treffenden Kommentar fest, dass sowohl die Jury des Friendenspreis des deutschen Buchhandels als auch weite Teile des Feuilletons Jaron Lanier entweder nicht gut gelsen oder aber nicht verstanden haben.

Date April 2014

Distinguished historian of science, Peter Galison investigated the culture and practice of secrecy in a post 9-11 world in his documentary Secrecy. In this article he discusses how the security authorities surveillance programs and mass surveillance will render own actions and transform our conditio humana to a perpetual state of pervasive self-censorship.



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