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Date March 2014 / Category News

On 24 and 25 March 2014 The Hague will host the third Nuclear Security Summit. The summit is explicitly concerned with the alleged threat of nuclear terrorism and seeks ways of protecting  nuclear material to fall into the hands of so-called terrorists. The Utrecht Data School seizes the opportunity to map this large event and the various issues revolving around it, as well as the participating audiences as they are displayed in the connected public sphere.

Date December 2013 / Category News

Women are crucial in post-conflict reconstruction. They are needed in processes of peace building and peace keeping as research findings support. Often these findings are based on anecdotal and qualitative research. CoolPolitics and the Utrecht Data School received a grant by the Oxfam Novib's Women Peace and Security Program to explore ways of open data and big data research to map the specific role of women in post conflict reconstruction.

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Date April 2014

Distinguished historian of science, Peter Galison investigated the culture and practice of secrecy in a post 9-11 world in his documentary Secrecy. In this article he discusses how the security authorities surveillance programs and mass surveillance will render own actions and transform our conditio humana to a perpetual state of pervasive self-censorship.


Date April 2014

The second installment of Alexandra Greer's series of articles on scientific publishing describes the impact of open access publishing and the politics of traditional publishers to deal with it.


Date April 2014

Alexandra Greer published a series of three articles at Synapse on scientific publishing. The first installement describes how the new practices and technologies transform publishers.


Date April 2014

On invitation of Henry Jenkins, Nick Couldry and Nico Carpentier, a group of scholars (Allen, Danielle, Moya Bailey, Nico Carpentier, Natalie Fenton, Henry Jenkins, Alexis Lothian, Jack Linchuan Qiu, Mirko Tobias Schäfer and Ramesh Srinivasan) discussed participation, social media and politics. Our conversation is published in the International Journal of Communication.


Date March 2014

Marcus Hurst is discussing questions concerning the environmental impact of the Internet at CCCBLab. The article is structured in a series of questions considering the energy use of data centers and individuals, the pollution of environment due to Internet use and what could be done about it.


Date March 2014

TeleGeography presents an updated version of their Internet submarine cable map displaying 285 cable systems facilitating internet traffic around the globe.


Date March 2014

Media artist and scholar Sandra Álvaro has published an accessible and informative article on the impact of algorithms on culture.


Date February 2014

With her dissertation "Transcoding the Digital. How Metaphors Matter in New Media" Marianne van den Boomen delved into the practices of speaking of and using new media. Her excellent account provides the means of cutting through the metaphors of today's media practice and to reveal their agency in shaping our perception and understanding of technology.



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