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Date October 2017 / Category News

For AoIR 2017, Helen Kennedy put together a panel discussing the future directions of critical data studies. I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to participate in the debate. Round-table participants for the future directions of Critical Data Studies included Lina Dencik (Data Justice Lab), Tarleton Gillespie (Microsoft Research), and Stefania Milan (Data-Active). As Jonathan Gray (Public Data Lab) could not attend, I presented on behalf of Utrecht Data School and the Datafied Society Research platform.

Date November 2016 / Category News

The Institute for Cultural Inquiry (ICON) in cooperation with Utrecht Data School (UDS) is organizing a workshop on Research Ethics for Data and Digital Methods. The workshop will take place on 29 th of November 2016 in the Sweelinckzaal from 10a.m - 5p.m.

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Date November 2017

In this fascinating article, Shannon Mattern critically enquires how the AI agents for self-driving vehicles will read and write the spatial environment.


Date October 2017

This is an excellent special issue on Critical Data Studies edited by Andrew Iliades and Federica Russo, bringing together an interdisciplinary group of scholars who address the study with data practices and the study of data practices. The all formulate a perspective of critical inquiry of 'Big Data' and the ongoing datafication of everyday life and society.


Date August 2017

Following up on their 2016 report, Wolfie Christl from Cracked Labs maps the corporate sector of monitoring citizens, enriching consumer data with additional data sources and exploiting personal information. This report expands on earlier findings about the marketing data industry and data brokers.


Date April 2017

Liliana Bounegru, Jonathan Gray , Tommaso Venturini and Michele Mauri from Public Data Lab put together this impressive guide to tracing fake news through digital methods.


Date March 2017

Yochai Benkler, Robert Faris, Hal Roberts, and Ethan Zuckerman have sifted through 1,25 million stories published between April 2015 and Election Day last year; they revealed a right-wing media ecosystem and its mediating mainstream media outlets.


Date March 2017

As algorithms immerse deeper into more areas of everyday life this growing list is a great resource: Algorithm Tips is a great project by Daniel Trielli, Jennifer Stark and Nick Diakopoulos. They collect information about algorithms that are used by government organizations and provide information and description as far as available on this platform.


Date February 2017

Lee Rainie and Janna Anderson from the Pew Research Center have an excellent overview of perspectives on the social impact of algorithms. Their article summarizes findings from expert panels and the various views participants have concerning the role of algorithms in our knowledge economies.


Date January 2017

This article describes the excellent and admirable work carried out at the Citizen Lab. Directed by Ron Deibert, this amazing research group unmasks those who try to stifle civil rights (such as freedom of speech, privacy etc.) through monitoring or blocking internet access, intercepting messages or intruding and breaching private communication.



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