Mirko Tobias Schäfer / Assistant Professor
University of Utrecht Department for Media and Culture Studies

ATechRes at Vienna Art Week

Exhibition: Documenting Artistic Research and Practices

A small exhibition of process artifacts is representative for the works and conceptual positions in experimental and playful invest igations of technological and social configurations through media art. Artist’s views on practices of research and production are investigated through video interviews, of which several are on display in the exhibition booth. With BitcoinCloud, the Artistic Technology Research Lab presents a media art approach to alternative currencies and investigates playfully new material and economic realities.
18:00, Artistic Bokeh exhibition booth at Electric Avenue, quartier 21

Talk: Mapping Artistic Research and Production Cultures

Memorizing and Forgetting is the overal topic of a series of brief talks hosted in Raum D. Tijmen Schep from SETUP Utrecht will speak on 'Mapping Artistic Research and Production Cultures', discussing distinct practices of documentation, archiving and communication in media art, hacker spaces and media labs.
18:20, quartier 21, Raum D

Open Studio

In an open studio on the premises of the MuseumsQuartier, Artistic Technology Research presents the results of their collaboration with the Utrecht media lab SETUP during the month of November. Together, they engaged in mapping the collaboration and communication within production communities. Mailinglists, Twitter communication, search queries and online repositories constitute instable and often neglected repositories of social interaction online. Using these data for visualizations and for a mapping of how communication and interaction developed made explicit how online discourse evolves, which actors matter and what traces of online life can tell about participants and social formations. The results are data analysis, network visualizations and infographics which make the implicit interactions as well as the often neglected 'digital imprints' of internet use explicitly visible. On display are Data Portraits by Frank-Jan van Lunteren, network visualizations by Ryanne Turenhout and data analysis by Matthias Tarasiewicz.
19:00, artist studio 513 (access through studio 501), Hof 7

Image: Ryanne Turenhout - Visualization of mailinglist NetBehaviour

Date November 2012 Category News

With an exhibition booth, a speed talk and an open studio the Artistic Technology Research Lab (ATechRes) is actively present at forthcoming Vienna Art Week. Artistic Bokeh presents the ongoing investigation into the creative process of media artists and documents collaborative interactions of the lab's extended network.

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