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SetUp goes Vienna

During their stay, SetUp Utrecht reaches out to the local Viennese community to discuss the role of technology appropriation, the role of hacker labs and DIY culture for innovation and social change. They will meet the inhabitants of the Electric Avenue and quartier21 at Museumsquartier as well as the hackers at metalab to discuss innovation, technology and urban space.
SetUp started to provide spaces for all things related to DIY culture, technology appropriation and general nerd awesomeness since they squatted a former bank building in the heart of Utrecht in 2008. Since then the collective hosted events on data visualization, data journalism, surveillance and privacy, technology policy making and others, as well as actively producing technological solutions. The Vienna Artistic Technology Research Lab investigates structurally how artists, hackers and other developers constitute epistemic cultures, develop tacit knowledge and how they document and share their expertise.

Teaming up, the members of the Artistic Technology Research Lab and SetUp will engage in a wide range of activities in November 2012. From presentations and meetings with the local community over complex data analysis and visualizations to the development of cutting edge DIY awesomeness the two groups will unleash spontaneous ingenuity impromptu creativity. Results will be presented and exhibited during the Vienna Art Week. SetUp's studio at Museumsquartier will be open for public visit and to meet the Utrecht team.

SetUp: www.setup.nl
Artistic Technology Research Lab: http://artisticbokeh.com & http://artistictechnology.at/

Photo: SetUp

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The Utrecht media lab SetUp will spend a month at Vienna's Museumsquartier. As artists in residence. Invited by the Artistic Technology Research Lab, the SetUp members will participate in activities concerning the mapping of innovative spaces and interactions.

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