Mirko Tobias Schäfer / Assistant Professor
University of Utrecht Department for Media and Culture Studies


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Date April 2018 / Category Lectures

We built this city on proprietary algorithms. Revisiting Corporate and Governmental Imaginations of data‐driven Public Management. Paper presentation at Workshop “We are on a mission”. Exploring the role of future imaginaries, Humboldt Institut für Internet und Gesellschaft, 27 April 2018, Berlin.

Date September 2017 / Category Lectures

Data en Ethiek (Data and Ethics), workshop for city managers at VGS Congres 2017, 20 September 2017, Marken

Date August 2017 / Category Lectures

Responsible Data Practice for Public Management, paper presentation at MyData Conference, Tallin University, 30 August 2017

Date January 2017 / Category Lectures

Entreprenurial research as method for investigating how data practices affect public management. Lecture at Zentrum für Medien-, Kommunikations- und Informationsforschung, University of Bremen, 12.1.2017.

Date December 2016 / Category Lectures

Ethiek en data, lecture on ethics in municipal data projects at Seminar Overheid 360° Datagestuurd werken in publieke organisaties, Utrecht, 1.12.2016

Date April 2018 / Category Lectures

Entrepreneurial Research as Method to Investigate Data Practices in Media in Media Industries. Paper presentation at Media Industries: Current Debates and Future Directions, 19 April 2018, King's College, London.

Date September 2017 / Category Lectures

Revisiting Datafication. Data, Platforms and the Res Publica, guest lecture at Vienna University of Applied Sciences for Management and Communication, 15 September 2017

Date June 2017 / Category Lectures

In Media Res. Social Media, Datafcation and Public Afairs, master class for KNAW Hendrik Muller Zomerseminar, Netherlands Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences, 30 June 2017

Date December 2016 / Category Lectures

Datafying the Public Sphere. Fragmented Audiences, Media and Democracy; lecture at European Broadcasting Union, Big Data Initiative Workshop on Algorithms and Society, Brüssel, 13.12.2016

Date November 2016 / Category Lectures

Inside Datafication: Investigating how Data Practices Affect Public Panagement, lecture at Séminaire de l’ISCC, Paris University 13, 7.11.2016

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