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Date January 2013 / Category News

In 2006, graduate students and teachers at the Utrecht New Media & Digital Culture research program presented a list of books, films, movies and games that we considered essential for understanding new media. The extent to which those titles represented the aesthetic and logic of new media was crucial for adding them to this 'Golden List'. We deliberately avoided following short-lived hypes and popular choices. Our aim was to look for texts, movies, music and games which are representative of the qualities of new media and which would also stand a test of time. As such they would constitute a canon of new media titles, a cultural compendium of new aesthetics, media practices, technologies and its discourses. However, a canon is never stable but a temporary representation of what a specific cultural formation considers as their key works. We were not aiming for dogmatism, but rather looking for a common ground to develop a discussion about new media culture. Reaching out to our peers and our students, we perceived this list as a canon for producing an ongoing debate about a key works on new media; we want to perpetually revisit and rethink which titles are suited best to represent our field and the media practices developing with the diffusion of information and communication technologies.

After over 6 years, it is time to lead this discussion to a thorough revisiting of our 'Golden List' list, and to create in a collective effort a new compendium. We invite colleagues and students to participate by sending in their choice of literature, movies, music and games. Please state why the titles of your choice are essential for representing and understanding new media. Please mail your suggestions no later than March 30 to m.t.schaefer [at] uu.nl

The new list will be published in April 2013 at www.newmediastudies.nl

Date November 2012 / Category News

The Utrecht media lab SetUp will spend a month at Vienna's Museumsquartier. As artists in residence. Invited by the Artistic Technology Research Lab, the SetUp members will participate in activities concerning the mapping of innovative spaces and interactions.

Date October 2012 / Category News

On Thursday 4 October, a group of students, researchers and data journalists will screen about 500.000 tweets to look for answers how the Facebook party in Haren created attention among Twitter users and how news spread over the networks.

Date June 2012 / Category News

University managers create a virtual university for themselves, a sort Sim City academia. Columnist Mirko Schäfer calls it Sim Sity as in SIMplified univerSITY. He pleads for rogue scholars, who come up with solutions for problems without bothering at all the encrusted superstructure of administrators.

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Date May 2012 / Category News

The who is who of the German online world gathers for an annual reunion at re:publica. Since 2007 this convention provides a forum not only to meet face to face, but especially to discuss a broad range of issues concerning internet culture and its implementation into broader society.

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Date November 2012 / Category News

With an exhibition booth, a speed talk and an open studio the Artistic Technology Research Lab (ATechRes) is actively present at forthcoming Vienna Art Week. Artistic Bokeh presents the ongoing investigation into the creative process of media artists and documents collaborative interactions of the lab's extended network.

Date October 2012 / Category News

I will chair the forthcoming Impakt symposium News in a Multipolar World. The NMDC research programme is co-hosting the symposium with the Impakt Festival. Referring to this year's festival topic "No More Westerns" we focus on the transformation of news through the emergence of new players -big and small- in representing the world's events. A line up of leading experts will present case examples of emerging media systems and media practises in China, India, the Arab World and Russia. (Photo by Paul Keller)

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Date September 2012 / Category News

Recently I have been appointed research fellow at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. During the coming year I will participate in a research project that deals with the controversial issue of 'artistic research'. The fellowship is part of a prestigious PEEK grant awarded to Austrian media artist and curator Matthias Tarasiewicz by the Austrian Science Fund. I was awarded a so-called PEEK-Visit, a research fellowship for a visiting professor limited to six month spread over a period of two years.

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Date May 2012 / Category News

The German Research Foundation network Media of Collective Intelligence invited Philippe Aigrain to present his view on reforming copyright.

Three panelists, Christiane Heibach, Sebastian Haunss and Mirko Tobias Schäfer, were then asked to respond to Aigrains theses. Here is my statement on Aigrain's book Sharing.

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Date April 2012 / Category News

An institutionalised pledge in order to prevent academic fraud is useless when the entire institution is undermined by policy makers, crippled through bureaucracy and damaged by unacademic leaders. Such a pledge is as valuable as a hasty vow in a Las Vegas drive-through wedding chapel. Restoring academia's autonomy and fostering traditional academic values, however, might be a good start.

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