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Date October 2016 / Category Publications

Geenen, Daniela van, Mirko Tobias Schäfer, Thomas Boeschoten, Erik Hekman, Piet Bakker, and Jonas Moons (2016).  Mining One Week of Twitter. Mapping Networked Publics in the Dutch Twittersphere. In: Selected Paper of Internet Research 2016: The 17th Annual Conference of the Association of Internet Researchers. Berlin, Germany.

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Date May 2016 / Category Publications

Challenging Citizenship: Social Media and Big Data, edited special issue Journal Computer Supported Cooperative Work, Volume 25, Issue 2-3, June 2016, http://link.springer.com/journal/10606/25/2/page/1

Date February 2016 / Category Publications

Out of Control? Regulating Consent and Dissent in Social Media. In Ine Gevers: Hacking Habitat. Art of Control. Rotterdam: nai Publishers

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Date January 2015 / Category Publications

Modchips. How hardware hacking constitutes grey markets, user participation and innovation. In: Baumgärtel, Tilman (ed.) A Reader in International Media Piracy: Pirate Essays. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, 2015

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Date December 2014 / Category Publications

Unstable (Counter)Publics. Online Platforms as Hybrid Forums for Socio-Political Debate.  Baxmann, Inge; Timon Beyes and Claus Pias (eds): Social Media – New Masses, Diaphanes / Chicago University Press, 2016.

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Date September 2016 / Category Publications

Schäfer, Mirko Tobias and Karin van Es: The Datafied Society. Studying Culture through Data. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, 2017

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Date May 2016 / Category Publications

Challenging Citizenship: Social Media and Big Data, editorial to special issue Challenging Citizenship: Social Media and Big Data, Journal for Computer Supported Cooperative Work, June 2016, Volume 25, Issue 2, pp 111-113, Dordrecht: Springer, DOI 10.1007/s10606-016-9255-8

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Date January 2016 / Category Publications

with Annelies Zoomers en Alex Gekker: Between two hypes: Will “big data” help unravel blind spots in understanding the “global land rush?”. In: Geoforum Vol. 69, February 2016, Pages 147–159 , http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.geoforum.2015.11.017

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Date December 2014 / Category Publications

Instabile (Gegen-)Öffentlichkeiten. Online-Plattformen als hybride Foren gesellschaftspolitischer Debatten. In Baxmann, Inge; Timon Beyes and Claus Pias (ed): Soziale Medien - Neue Massen, Berlin: Diaphanes, pp. 281-300.

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Date October 2014 / Category Publications

Censuur als aantwoord op terrorisme. In: Nationale Veiligheid en Crisisbeheersing, Nr. 5, 2014

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