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Date February 2016 / Category Publications

Out of Control? Regulating Consent and Dissent in Social Media. In Ine Gevers: Hacking Habitat. Art of Control. Rotterdam: nai Publishers

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Date January 2015 / Category Publications

Modchips. How hardware hacking constitutes grey markets, user participation and innovation. In: Baumgärtel, Tilman (ed.) A Reader in International Media Piracy: Pirate Essays. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, 2015

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Date December 2014 / Category Publications

Unstable (Counter)Publics. Online Platforms as Hybrid Forums for Socio-Political Debate.  Baxmann, Inge; Timon Beyes and Claus Pias (eds): Social Media – New Masses, Diaphanes / Chicago University Press, 2016.

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Date June 2014 / Category Publications

Programmierte Gesellschaft? Zur Konstitution inhärenter Partizipation in Web Applikationen. In: Mersch, Dieter and Joachim Paech (eds.). Programm(e). Proceedings DFG Research Symposium Media 2010, Berlin: Diaphanes, 2014, pp. 299-324.

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Date November 2013 / Category Publications

Excerpt from Bastard Culture! How User Participation Transforms Cultural Production. In DuGay, Stewart Hall, Linda Janes, Anders Koed Madsen, Hugh Mackay and Keith Negus: Doing Cultural Studies. The Story of the Sony Walkman. Los Angeles, London: Sage, 2013, pp. 157-160.

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Date January 2016 / Category Publications

with Annelies Zoomers en Alex Gekker: Between two hypes: Will “big data” help unravel blind spots in understanding the “global land rush?”. In: Geoforum Vol. 69, February 2016, Pages 147–159 , http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.geoforum.2015.11.017

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Date December 2014 / Category Publications

Instabile (Gegen-)Öffentlichkeiten. Online-Plattformen als hybride Foren gesellschaftspolitischer Debatten. In Baxmann, Inge; Timon Beyes and Claus Pias (ed): Soziale Medien - Neue Massen, Berlin: Diaphanes, pp. 281-300.

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Date October 2014 / Category Publications

Censuur als aantwoord op terrorisme. In: Nationale Veiligheid en Crisisbeheersing, Nr. 5, 2014

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Date April 2014 / Category Publications

with Allen, Danielle, Moya Bailey, Nico Carpentier, Natalie Fenton, Henry Jenkins, Alexis Lothian, Jack Linchuan Qiu and Ramesh Srinivasan: Participations: Dialogues on the Participatory Promise of Contemporary Culture and Politics. In International Journal of Communication, Vol. 8 2014.
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Date May 2013 / Category Publications

with Frank Kessler: Trust in Technical Images, manuscript 2013.

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Tags Flusser objectivity techno-image

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