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How open is the future?

Last summer Marianne van den Boomen and me were working on an article on open source software. We noticed that open source has become a metaphor for democracy, freedom, transparent work processes and collective legends of a better society. Our attempt to map the metaphors travelling through society resulted in the article "Will the revolution be open sourced? How open source travels through society".

The article is published in the book "How open is the future. Economic, Social and Cultural Scenarios inspired by Free and Open Source Software" edited by Marleen Wynants and Jan Cornelis. The editors and a Brussel University and industry network, are launching the book with a one day seminar on Open Source on February 3rd 2005.

The book is released under the creative commons license and is available  online as well.  Download the book at Crosstalks.

Date January 2005 Category News

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