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Otto Neurath and ISOTYPE

After Neurath at Stroom is covering the actual interest in the heritage of Neurath and Arntz, starting with a symposium on October 31st and November 1st with Frank Hartmann, Robin Kinross, Kristóf  Nyíri and Femke  Snelting.
Stroom -based in The Hague- is organizing a series of events on Otto Neurath and his influence on graphic and information design.  Neurath and Gerd Arntz, an artist and graphic designer, emigrated to the Netherlands in the 1930s, where they continued their work on ISOTYPE (International System of Typographic Picture Education). The Hague's Gemeentemuseum does not only display a work of art of Gerd Arntz but keeps also a large collection of the ISOTYPE publications, the linocuts for printing the pictograms and display boards from exhibitions which used the ISOTYPE system. With ISOTYPE Neurath and Arntz turned the numbers of statistics into comprehensible pictures. Driven by the educational ideal to bring knowledge to illiterates they made information accessible in pictures which should enable their audience to develop an understanding of sociopolitical contexts.

For more information on Otto Neurath, see:

Paul Rotha (1946) From Hieroglyphs to ISOTYPE and Frank Hartmann (2002) Bildersprache Otto Neurath Visualisierungen

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