Mirko Tobias Schäfer / Assistant Professor
University of Utrecht Department for Media and Culture Studies

Research Projects


Funded by the Dutch Research Council NWO, Mirko Tobias Schäfer, Karin van Es and Remko Helms build a database for comparative analysis of projects which employ government data. The project is conducted in cooperation with The Greenland. August 2014 - January 2015. (Volume 30.000 Euro)
More information: Investigating Government Open Data Projects

Utrecht Data School, edition 3

In cooperation with LokaalMondiaal and funded by OxfamNovib's Women, Peace and Security program, the Utrecht Data School and LokaalMondiaal organized a master class data journalism and developed a training program for students and practicioners. February-April 2014 (Volume 75.000 EUR)
More information: Mapping the Role of Women in Peacebuilding

Utrecht Data School, edition 2

Contract research (student projects) commissioned by The Green Land, Timing, Rathenau Instituut, Gemeente Utrecht, technology support by Buzzcapture. September-November 2013. (Volume 35.000 Euro).

PEEK Visit Grant

Awarded a PEEK Visit Grant by the Austrian Science Fund for investigating creative technology development and fringe innovation in art labs, hacker spaces and maker communities at the Artistic Technology Research Lab, Vienna University for Applied Arts. September 2012-July 2013.

Utrecht Data School, edition 1

Contract research (student projects) commissioned by Ministerie I en M, Unicef, PO Raad, Emma Communicatie, technological support by Buzzcapture February-April 2013. (Volume 35.000 Euro)

Research in Residence

Stipend awarded by quartier21 at Museumsquartier Wien, October 2012.

Contract Research: Dutch Political Sphere on Twitter

Network Analysis of the Dutch Political Sphere on Twitter, principal investigator, contract research commissioned by Rathenau Instituut, 2011

Contract Research: Mapping Digital Workspaces for Amateur Art Projects

Mapping Digital Workspaces for Amateur Art Projects in the Netherlands, principal Investigator, contract research commissioned by Dutch Sector Institute for Amateur Art, Kunstfactor, 2011

Date September 2013 Category Theory

His research into participation and co-production led Mirko's attention to the different ways user interfaces and platform configuration channel user activities. His research is focused on web platforms as expansion of the public sphere. Together with the Utrecht Data School, which he co-founded, Mirko conducts a number of investigations into social media, open data projects. The research is funded through external partners, national research funds and Utrecht University. This post provides an overview of the research projects.

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