Mirko Tobias Schäfer (Category: Theory)http://mtschaefer.net/rss/theory/Latest Theory-Entries on mtschaefer.net.en-usTue, 08 Nov 2022 09:27:58 -0000Research Projectshttp://mtschaefer.net/entry/research-projects/<p>His research into <a class="internal" href="/entry/bastard-culture-how-user-participation-transforms-cultural-production/" target="_blank">participation and co-production</a> led Mirko's attention to the different ways user interfaces and platform configuration channel user activities. His research is focused on web platforms as expansion of the public sphere. Together with the Utrecht Data School, which he co-founded, Mirko conducts a number of investigations into social media, open data projects. The research is funded through external partners, national research funds and Utrecht University. This post provides an overview of the research projects.</p>http://mtschaefer.net/entry/research-projects/Research Interesthttp://mtschaefer.net/entry/research-interests/<p>Mirko is exploring technology and analyzing its discourses.<br />His research activities focus on cultural and socio-political aspects of computer technology and software. His fields of research can be summarized as:<br /><br />Participatory Culture; Technology Appropriation &amp; Innovation; Networked Media, Politics and the Public Sphere</p>http://mtschaefer.net/entry/research-interests/