Mirko Tobias Schäfer / Assistant Professor
University of Utrecht Department for Media and Culture Studies


Date September 2012 / Category Lectures

Dangerous Networks? Discussing Security & Internet, lecture & workshop at the Netherlands Defence Academy , 27 September 2012

Tags Lecture Workshop

Date July 2011 / Category Lectures

Bastard Culture. Users between activism & consumption in online media. Lecture at the Amsterdam School of the Arts Summer School 'Remix Culture', 5 July 2011

Tags Lecture

Date September 2011 / Category Lectures

Dangerous Networks? Computer Technology, Internet & Security Policies, lecture & workshop at the Netherlands Defence Academy, 22 September 2011

Tags Lecture Workshop

Date October 2011 / Category Lectures

Political Identity and Social Media. Users Between Consumption & Civic Activism. Studium Generale Lecture at University Wageningen, 5 October 2011

Tags Lecture

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