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Date December 2008 / Category Publications

Participation Inside? User Activities between Design and Appropriation. In Marianne van den Boomen, Sybille Lammes, Ann-Sophie Lehmann, Joost Raessens, Mirko Tobias Schaefer: Digital Material. Tracing New Media in Everday Life and Technology, Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, 2009, pp. 147-158.

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Date January 2007 / Category News

A plethora of different tools are supposed to help the user to get along with a certain software application. FAQs, Wikis, forums, read-me texts, tutorials, manuals and the documentation should help the user to set up and use the software. These tools are frequently provided in a misleading way and often difficult to understand. In discussion with software designer Patrick Kranzlmüller we asked whether a solution would be based on an improved information management system or on a different way of organizing the development process. The Austrian communication scientist Theo Hug pointed us to the terminology of Microlearning. In microlearning we recognized the teach yourself processes that are established practices in digital culture. But further more microlearning can offer a way to diminish the gap between users and developers.

In our article "RTFM! Teach-Yourself Culture in Open Source Software Projects" we evaluate tools used for documenting and explaining software and analyze how microlearning could offer a methodology for integrating the user and stimulating the teach yourself processes. In consequence a list of recommendations for software developers is provided. Communicating the complexity of software to users is not only a matter of information design but a social challenge, too.

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Date August 2004 / Category Publications

Made by users. How users improve things, provide innovation and change our idea of culture, in Goriunova, Olga; Shulgin, Alexei (Ed.): Read_Me, Software Art and Cultures, Aarhus: Aarhus University Press, 2004, (pp. 62-77)

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Date November 2008 / Category Publications

Bastard Culture! User Participation and the extension of cultural industries. Dissertation. Utrecht: Utrecht University. Download as pdf.

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Date December 2006 / Category Publications

with Patrick Kranzlmüller: RTFM! Teach-Yourself Culture in Open Source Software Projects, in Hug, Theo (ed.): Didactics of Microlearning, Berlin, New York: Waxmann, 2007, pp. 324-240.

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Date January 2005 / Category Publications

Homework: The Extension of the Culture Industry, in: Cox, Geoff et al. (eds): DATA Browser 01, Economising Culture; published by autonomedia 2004, pp 191-199

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