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September 2004

Date September 2004 / Category Lectures

Innovation und Partizipation als Output des Konsums softwarebasierter Produkte,

lecture at the annual conference of the German Association for Media Studies (Gesellschaft für Medienwissenschaft)
Braunschweig 30.9. - 2.10.2004
Eine Dokumentation der Veranstaltung mit allen Vorträgen als Videostream findet sich bei " Netzspannung.org - Lectures.

Date September 2004 / Category News

Software Art & Cultures Conference at the 2004 Read_Me Festival in Aarhus
(22.8. – 25.8.2004)

The Read_Me Festival is connecting the theorizing of software art and cultures in a conference with hands on practice in the Dorkbot City Camp where artists and programmers are presenting their work. The festival’s main theme People doing strange things with software describes already that creative usage of software is a cultural practice. I went to Aarhus to experience the synergies of the festival’s interdisciplinary perspective and presented a paper on using technology as a cultural practice. In fact this was a new version of the paper i had presented in Bilbao in April. I added some comments on the discursive function of mods.
The activities at the festival and the camp are documented in a weblog.
A review on the conference and the festival by Peter Luining at nettime.
A review in Italian on neural.it.

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