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December 2005

Date December 2005 / Category Publications

in Magazyn Sztuki, Vol 2/05; Nr. 32/33, Special Edition Data-Browser, edited by Geoff Cox and Joasia Krysa; the original article appeared as "Homework: The Extension of the culture industry" in DATA-Browser Vol. 1.
Magazyn Sztuki, Special Edition

Date December 2005 / Category News

The city of Vienna is following a new approach in funding art. Artists in the field of netart will not apply for grants at a city’s department but dispose them among the community themselves. A software based voting system called Mana will be installed for delegating votes and credits within the netart community’s participants.  NetzNetz, the platform of the Viennese netartists was founded in opposition to Public Netbase that was obtaining the majority of the city’s funding for new media art projects.
The start up of the new funding model is accompanied by the conference  Parliaments of Art.
Read my contribution Making Sense of Discourse.

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