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July 2008

Date July 2008 / Category News

[d]vision, the Vienna International Festival for Digital Culture is back with a new festival. Realtime generation is entirely dedicated to the demoscene and realtime animated visuals. Since last year the dvisionaries and their new director Regina Webhofer have been preparing this year's festival with a series of smaller events to present demos and outstanding coders to a broader audience outside the dynamic demo scene sphere. In close collaboration with the scene, [d]vision has set up a full scale festival with an exhibition, demo screenings, lectures, and panel discussions. And the popular nerd venue Werkzeug H hosts a daily demo lounge. After this packed program the festival features a demo party on which scene members from all over Europe compete for coding the best demo.

The festival takes place from July 4 to July 20 at Museumsquartier Vienna, Werkzeug H,and  Metalab.
Program and information at [d]vision.


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