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March 2009

Date March 2009 / Category News

While Amazon's Kindle is a bestseller in the United States, Europe seems still a bit slow in taking up e-readers. Producers prepare for conquering the European market. The introduction of e-book readers and their eventual effective diffusion will transform the publishing industry. An international conference organized by Florian Cramer from Rotterdam-based Piet Zwart Institute revolves around the future of publishing, paper and the transformation of reading and the book in the digital age. The program is packed with exceedingly interesting presentations by designers, publishing experts, and researchers from the cutting-edge front of media development.

PRINT/pixel, May 12-13, Willem de Kooning Akademie, Blaak 10, Rotterdam

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Date March 2009 / Category Publications

With Frank Kessler: Navigating YouTube. Constituting a Hybrid Information Management System, in: Patrick Vonderau, and Pelle Snickars (eds), The YouTube Reader. Stockholm: National Library of Sweden, 2009, pp. 275-291.

The entire book is available as free download (.pdf)

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Date March 2009 / Category News

Forthcoming MIT6 conference focuses on structural changes in media practices related to storage and transmission. Referring to Harold Innis' notion of time-based media such as stone or clay, and space-based media such as paper, the conference revolves around the current transformations in archiving, communication, and social organization. My contribution will analyze explicit and implicit participation in online data collections and discuss the implementation of media practices into new business models.

MIedia In Transition 6: Stone and papyrus, storage and transmission
April 24-26, MIT, Boston

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