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March 2012

Date March 2012 / Category Publications

\run subversion.exe. Mythos und Praxis subversiver Medien-Nutzung. In: Doreen Hartmann, Inga Lemke and  Jessica Nitsche (eds.) Interventionen. Grenzüberschreitungen in Ästhetik, Politik und Ökonomie. Munich: Fink 2012

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Date March 2012 / Category Publications

with Nikos Overheul and Thomas Boeschoten: Politiek in 140 tekens. Een analyse van twitterende Nederlandse politici. In: Christian van 't Hof, Jelte Timmer and Rinie van Est (eds.) 2012, Voorgeprogrammeerd. Hoe Internet ons leven leid. Boom: The Hague

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Date March 2012 / Category News

Many scholars struggle with the latest budget cuts and the autocratic management that has removed students and teaching staff from participating in decision making processes. If we would actively get involved by investing into our university, we might regain some influence.

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