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University of Utrecht Department for Media and Culture Studies

May 2012

Date May 2012 / Category Publications

Vorprogrammierte Partizipation. Zum Spannungsfeld von Appropriation und Design in Social Media Plattformen. In: Uta Rußmann, Andreas Beinsteiner, Theo Hug, Heike Ortner (eds.) Grenzenlose Enthüllungen? – Medien zwischen Öffnung und Schließung. Innsbruck: IUP, 2012

The book is available as free download

Date May 2012 / Category News

The who is who of the German online world gathers for an annual reunion at re:publica. Since 2007 this convention provides a forum not only to meet face to face, but especially to discuss a broad range of issues concerning internet culture and its implementation into broader society.

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Date May 2012 / Category News

The German Research Foundation network Media of Collective Intelligence invited Philippe Aigrain to present his view on reforming copyright.

Three panelists, Christiane Heibach, Sebastian Haunss and Mirko Tobias Schäfer, were then asked to respond to Aigrains theses. Here is my statement on Aigrain's book Sharing.

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