Mirko Tobias Schäfer / Assistant Professor
University of Utrecht Department for Media and Culture Studies

October 2012

Date October 2012 / Category News

I will chair the forthcoming Impakt symposium News in a Multipolar World. The NMDC research programme is co-hosting the symposium with the Impakt Festival. Referring to this year's festival topic "No More Westerns" we focus on the transformation of news through the emergence of new players -big and small- in representing the world's events. A line up of leading experts will present case examples of emerging media systems and media practises in China, India, the Arab World and Russia. (Photo by Paul Keller)

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Date October 2012 / Category News

On Thursday 4 October, a group of students, researchers and data journalists will screen about 500.000 tweets to look for answers how the Facebook party in Haren created attention among Twitter users and how news spread over the networks.

Date October 2012 / Category Theory

Mirko is exploring technology and analyzing its discourses.
His research activities focus on cultural and socio-political aspects of computer technology and software. His fields of research can be summarized as:

Participatory Culture; Technology Appropriation & Innovation; Networked Media, Politics and the Public Sphere

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