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While the Web 2.0 is generally celebrated as the revolution of consumers against a monolithic culture industry, it is often neglected that Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and others constitute corporate platforms where participation may only unfold along the lines of corporate interest. Censorship, corporate control and data mining are inherent consequences and call for a critical debate of consumer rights. Further more, the copyright industries' strong interest in copyright enforcement perfectly fits into repressive security policies and urgently calls for the defense of our civil rights. There will be lots of room for discussion, so anyone who is interested in participating in the debate on new media and practises is welcome!

What is Skip Intro?
Skip Intro is a series of primarily ad hoc-organized meetings in which academics, artists, politicians and working professionals give brief lectures and presentations about current-day issues in which new media play a significant role. Some of the themes that will be covered this year are Open Access (Future of Publishing), TechSkin (Locative Media & Augmented Reality) and Programming Society.exe (Software Delegation).
Skip Intro deals with the most recent issues and invites speakers who sometimes are in the Netherlands for only a very brief period, which can make for some creative announcement schedules. >[It's not a bug, it's a feature]<

Skip Intro is an initiative of the UU (Underground University), committed to Enlightenment, self-defence, and traditional academic values!

Date January 2010 Category News

Upstreams & Downstreams (Piracy, Data Retention & Surveillance) is the first Skip Intro Session, a lecture series on politics and citizenship in the 21-century. The meeting will take place on Wednesday January 20 from 19.30-21.30 in Studio T (Kromme Nieuwegracht 20, 3512 HH Utrecht). Controversial media practises and politics are discussed by the following speakers:

- Jaromil (dyne.org, http://www.rastasoft.org)
- Ilpo Koskinen (University of Arts & Design Helsinki, http://www2.uiah.fi/~ikoskine)
- Joris van Hoboken (Bits of Freedom, https://www.bof.nl/)

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