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January 2010

Date January 2010 / Category University

Nieuwe media en participatiecultuur
Cursuscode: 200500211
Hoorcolleges op Woensdag, werkcolleges op Vrijdag
Studentenassistent: Martijn van Zwieten

Date January 2010 / Category News

Upstreams & Downstreams (Piracy, Data Retention & Surveillance) is the first Skip Intro Session, a lecture series on politics and citizenship in the 21-century. The meeting will take place on Wednesday January 20 from 19.30-21.30 in Studio T (Kromme Nieuwegracht 20, 3512 HH Utrecht). Controversial media practises and politics are discussed by the following speakers:

- Jaromil (dyne.org, http://www.rastasoft.org)
- Ilpo Koskinen (University of Arts & Design Helsinki, http://www2.uiah.fi/~ikoskine)
- Joris van Hoboken (Bits of Freedom, https://www.bof.nl/)

Date January 2010 / Category University

Geschiedenis en theorie van de nieuwe media

Cursuscode: 200501027, Co-Teacher: Karin van Es
Hoorcolleges op Maandag en Woensdag, werkcolleges op Vrijdag
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