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June 2005

Date June 2005 / Category News

This big volume, edited by Joost Raessens and Jeffrey Goldstein, covers a lot of perspectives on computer games. From the history of computer games and their pre-history (slot machines) to the design and the reception of games a broad range of issues are discussed in this book. Contributors come from various fields such as social sciences, psychology, cultural studies and game design.
MIT Press

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Date June 2005 / Category Lectures

Panel presentation of the new media program (Utrecht University, IMR) at the 2005 conference of the International Communication Association (ICA) in New York, 28.05.2005. The presentation chaired by Christina Slade discussed the spatial perception of information and communication technology. It was seperated into four different aspects:

  • Marianne van den Boomen: One Click Spaces
  • MTS: Culture Spaces
  • Imar de Vries: Knowledge Spaces
  • Joost Raessens: Ludic Spaces

Unzipping Mediated Spaces vs 1.0

Date June 2005 / Category News

if software patents become legalized or if the digital culture and software remains free to evolve in Europe.
The decision is less about technology as some rightists suggest, it is rather a decision on cultural freedom and the free market. Software patents will stifle economic growth and innovation, they are used by monopolistic companies to regulate markets and to rule out competitors.

There will be a demonstration against the directive pushed through by the commission lately on July 5th in Strasbourg. The Economic Majority will show up and demonstrate against the attempts of the few big corporations, their lobby and the corruptionists to restrict the economic development of European companies.

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