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June 2004

Date June 2004 / Category Publications

Kulturindustrie als Hausarbeit, in De-Bug, Nr. 65, Nov. 2002

A first draft of my thoughts on the impact of the production output of users on the cultural industries. This article is one of three articles [d]vision members were publishing in De-Bug while preparing the [d]vision 2002 festival digitalBIEDERMEIER. read the article at De-Bug and Bernhard Rieder: Zu Hause im Netz, Peter Steinberger: Biedermeier re/vived

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Date June 2004 / Category Publications

with Bernhard Rieder, in Sinn Haft Nr. 10/ Mai 2001

This article describes the 80's roots of the new economy and how the whiz kids are now starting to write their own history. We wrote this article while preparing the [d]vision 2001 festival electronic kindergarten which celebrated the computer technology from the 80ies and reflected the subcultures of computer users.
Read the english translation or the german article at Sinn-Haft

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Date June 2004 / Category Publications

Reality Rulez! Die Bedeutung des Dokumentarischen in der visuellen Mediengestaltung im Kontext der Digitalisierung.

With my master thesis or "Diplomarbeit" I tried to explore how our understanding of the term documentary is changing in the context of an increasing diffusion of digital images and computer technology. I wanted to find out where we are going to locate the document, the evidence and the proof of "truth" in digital age.

I graduated with this master thesis from the University of Vienna in October 2002.
The thesis is written in german, but at least there is an english abstract available.

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Date June 2004 / Category Publications

Siegfried Zielinski: Archäologie der Medien. Zur Tiefenzeit des technischen Hörens und Sehens. Reinbek bei Hamburg: Rowohlt 2002.
Read at theaterwissenschaft.at

Joel Black: The Reality Effect. Film, Culture and the Graphic Imperative. New York, London: Routledge 2002.
Read at theaterwissenschaft.at

Ursula von Keitz und Kay Hoffmann, Hg.: Die Einübung des dokumentarischen Blicks. Fiction Film und Non Fiction Film zwischen Wahrheitsanspruch und expressiver Sachlichkeit 1895 - 1945. Marburg: Schüren 2001.
Read at theaterwissenschaft.at

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